Can you hear the difference?

Ever been stopped by a stranger and asked what language you speak? How frequently have they guessed the correct language on the first try? And how good areyou at telling the difference between languages? The “Great Language Game is a fun way to try and figure out just that! The game increases in difficulty the longer you play. It starts off fairly easy giving you only two languages to choose from after hearing an audio snippet of each, quickly increasing in difficulty by adding more and more language options (many of which you may have not even heard of).

Great Language Game

There are reported to be roughly six to seven thousand spoken languages in the world and even the most enthused and disciplined hyperpolyglot wouldn’t be able to know them all. So how do we recognize contrasts between languages? Is it instinct? Is it pattern recognition? This is where knowing the differences between language families can become useful.
The more you play, the more you’ll begin to notice sometimes slight distinctions between languages such as in their phonology, intonation, and rhythm.

The game currently features 78 languages. Does it include yours? According to the statistics, the easiest language to decipher is French and the most difficult is Farsi.

Another fun feature to check out is the globe visualization that allows you to see where in the world game players such as yourself are located.

As with language learning, the more you practice the better you’ll get!