The commute!

The commute!

If you get frustrated by your daily commute to work, be thankful you are not David Givens of California. A few years ago, in a competition to find America’s longest commute, he was discovered to drive  372 miles (598 kms) every day just to get to his I.T job in San Jose!

Luckily, most of us have jobs a lot closer to home and with more and more focus on reducing the environmental impact of car travel, bicycles have become a lot more common as a cheaper and greener alternative.

Many major cities have now set up  bike rental schemes where a simple swipe of a credit card can get you a bike for the day, These are becoming a popular alternative for those who fancy a bit of exercise before work, and with the problems of rush-hour traffic, they are often a quicker choice too.

Do you have a long commute to work? Would you consider using a bicycle? Does your town or city do enough to support cyclists?


swipe- pasar (la tarjeta)

rush-hour- la hora punta