Worst jobs!

Most of us find Monday mornings hard. After the relaxation and pleasures of the weekend, having to pull ourselves up out of bed and get ourselves to work is never fun. However, don’t complain about your job too much because it could be a lot worse! Here are some examples of jobs that would make Monday mornings even less appealing.

Firstly, there are the cat food testers! Yep, these unlucky people have to test cat food for texture, smell and consistency using only their fingers and noses to complete the job. Maybe this is not quite as bad as the poor mosquito researchers though. To get the necessary African mosquitos for their research there are volunteers who have to accept over 3000 bites an hour!

None of these are quite as bad as the horrible job of sewer cleaner In Calcutta, India. The workers do this wearing only a pair of jeans and nothing else…surely nothing could be quite as bad as this job!

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? What would make Monday mornings better for you?


Testers- Probadores

Bites– Picaduras

Sewer – Alcantarilla